The size of your campsite will depend on the numbers in your Group. As Group sizes vary there is no standard site. We would ask that Groups take a reasonable and realistic view as to how much space they actually require.

As a minimum, we work on 10m2 per person or 3.16m x3.16m E.g. :-

  • If you have 10 people in a group, you would have 100m2 or 10mx10m;
  • If you have 20 people in a group you would have 200m2 or 14.14mx14.14m;
  • If you have 40 people in a group they would have 400m2 or 20mx20m.

In April 2022 we will be sending out the ‘’nominal role’’ form which requests that Groups detail information relating to the number and style of tents each Group is bringing.

Groups are responsible for bringing sufficient tentage just like any other camp and that boys and girls have separate accommodation – this is best practice in the UK. All equipment should be checked before departure for Chamboree – it’s amazing how many groups forget the poles or pegs for the marquee or patrol tents! And it’s a good idea to bring some boundary rope and stakes to mark out your pitch and entrance.

We ask that groups keep a 3m boundary around the main catering marquee when erecting this next to other tentage – this is for fire safety purposes and ask where possible that catering marquees are ideally put next to the fire break or road way. Over lapping of guy lines for all other general tentage is acceptable. Tents should be put up in straight lines rather than circles as this maximizes the space.

In summary we ask that all Groups consider the tentage they will bring. For example, if the Group is bringing 20 people then a catering marquee of 80ft x 100ft would be considered unacceptable, however a catering marquee of 20ft x 15ft would be acceptable. Of course we will do or best to accommodate all reasonable requests.