Groups are responsible for completing risks assessments for areas they are responsible for such as camping pitches, cooking areas and travelling to and from the event.

A number of risk assessments will be produced for those activities and tasks that may present a risk to both staff and participants and our external contractors have their own risk assessments which they will share with us. Chamboree is producing risk assessments relating the other areas of the event and activities. Part of Chamboree risk management includes producing a handbook which must be read by all adults, this is sent out in June. Team leaders (for IST Staff) and the Group Leaders are responsible for sharing details of the risk assessments and specifically the steps that need to be followed to minimise the risks with their teams and young people, please ensure that you follow the instructions that are set out in the risk assessments. Risk Assessments can be viewed upon request during the week of Chamboree.

All activities are fully Risk Assessed and covered by Public Liability Insurance (Scouts, Guides, or Commercial Providers).

All activities which require permits are staffed by permit holders from both associations.

All commercial activities will be run by qualified staff.