Unfortunately, no group and staff cars are allowed in the camping areas/subcamps. However, we are pleased to confirm for this camp we have an agreement that vans and vehicles towing trailers are allowed on the Sub Camp roads during the arrival’s day and the final hour during departures*. All equipment must be unloaded quickly and then all vehicles must be moved and parked on the Car Park. Outside of these times only authorised site and support vehicles are allowed on the Sub Camp roads.

* Access is weather dependent and trailers which can be left on your campsite are the best option.

Service and delivery vehicles are restricted to 10 mph maximum and must use their hazard warning lights.

Van and trailer access to the sub camps will be managed by the Site Operations Team and walked on to the Sub Camp road ways. Please work with the Site Operations Team as they have a difficult job to do.

Please also see the notes about arrivals and departures. If you need any heavy kit moved please contact the Camper Experience Team.