Scouting & Guiding are inclusive, values based movements and membership is open to all those who share those same fundamental values (integrity, care, co-operation, respect and belief).

As such the Chamboree organisers are committed to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to attend the Jamboree.

We welcome young people and adults from both movements and will do our very best to accommodate any special, cultural, educational or medical needs. We will work with individuals to facilitate those with additional needs in attending the Jamboree.

IST Applications

We are  commited to Scouting for All. In accordance with The Scout Association’s equal opportunity policy no person applying for IST will suffer disadvantage by reason of age; class or socio-economic status; ethnic origin, nationality, or race; gender; marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation; disability; political belief; pregnancy; religion or belief.

In accordance with the policy, the physical and mental ability of a particular applicant to fulfill a particular role will be a relevant factor to consider.