Cheshire’s Cubs and Brownies will be camping on the first weekend (Friday 29th July – Sunday 31st August 2022).

Cheshire’s Squirrels, Beavers and Rainbows will be able to visit for the day on Wednesday 3rd August 2022.

Cheshire Cubs and Brownies Camp

The Cubs/Brownies will visit for the opening weekend, will have a Disco on the Friday evening. Visit the on-site Activities Zones on Saturday, plus the Circus. They will take part in the Opening Ceremony on the Saturday, participate in their own Space Challenge programme on Sunday and have their own Cubs Own/Closing Ceremony.

Cheshire Squirrels, Beavers and Rainbows Day/Camp

The Squirrels/Beavers/Rainbows will visit on Wednesday, with an option of camping the night before; they will have their own opening & closing ceremony, take part in a variety of activities from our Activity Zones on-site during the morning and take part in Festival Du Chambo in the afternoon. Lunch will be a picnic style, giving opportunity for those with Groups on site to pair with them on their sub camps.