Now, more than ever before there’s loads of opportunities for you to Join In with Chamboree X on stage during the course of the week. Check out what we’ve got on offer below and hit the various links to sign yourselves up or nominate someone. 


Chamboree’s Monday Night Takeaway – Gameshows & Prizes

Ever wanted to appear on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night takeaway? Always loved classic game shows? Well Chamboree’s Monday night take away will be right up your street! 

On Monday evening in the main arena we are hosting our own version of the classic Saturday evening game shows, taking inspiration from game shows across the years we’re giving you the opportunity to compete in these games live on the main stage!

If you’d like to be involved in these games for a chance to win an array of various prizes including a takeaway for you and your team then apply below, but be warned there is a surprise if you don’t win the games (All in good fun obviously)

Some of the below games are based around teams so we’d love to get your and your friends involved. 

Here’s the games available, team sizes and forms to apply! We’ll select the participants at random and contact you before the event in order to prepare you for the evening. 

Family Fortunes

Team size: 5 Participants.   

Classic game of Family Fortunes where you compete against another team in order to be the best, can you guess what our survey of Chamboree participants said as the answers to our questions? Apply here –>

You Bet 

Team Size: 3 Participants. 

Can you guess the outcome of our videos on stage, guess correctly to win points, the team with the most points will win a prize. Apply here –>


Team Size: 1 participants

Are you great at saying what you see? Competing against 2 other contestants you’ll win points by guessing the meaning behind our pictures on the big screen, quickest correct answers wins points and the chance to guess our BIG catchphrase. Apply here –>

Slay it, don’t Spray it. 

Team Size: 2 Participants,. 

Are you a music wizz? Know the lyrics to all our fav songs, participate in Slay it don’t spray it live on stage, we’ll play a track for you and pause the music if you can carry on singing the correct lyrics you’ll win points… get it wrong and you’ll get sprayed by Chamboree X’s water guns. Apply here –>

Generation Game

Team Size: 1 participant

Do you have a memory like an elephant? Great at remembering things you’ve seen? Maybe you have a photographic memory? With our version of the Generation game we’ll have a number of items whizz past you on our onstage conveyor belt once all the items have passed, you’ll have 60 to recall all the items… Most items remembered wins! Apply here –>

Chamboree’s Got Talent

This year Chamboree’s Got Talent will be bigger and better than ever before. We’re ditching the talent tent and asking you to get involved before the event so that we can see you at your best! The top 8 acts will perform live on our arena stage during the Thursday evening’s CGT’s event and we’ll crown the winner who will get the opportunity to perform live on our main stage in the closing ceremony. 

Sign up below and provide a link to your audition and you could be in with a chance to perform live on stage to 1000’s of Chamboree participants!

Whilst we don’t want to be rude and say “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You”, we anticipate a lot of talented submissions. We’ll do our best, but please don’t be surprised or offended if you don’t hear back from us.

Please fill out this application form to be considered by our panel of judges!

Nominate someone for special recognition

We want to recognise some of the amazing people that are involved in Scouting and Guiding. If there’s a special person (Youth member or Adult volunteer) that you’d like to shout out either for the work they do in your group or perhaps they’ve done some incredible things outside of Scouting/Guiding then please let us know about them below and we’ll see if we can recognise them with a special prize in our “Happiest Minute of the Camp”.

All we ask is that you provide a brief description of why you think they’re special and that the people you nominate are in attendance at the camp.

Please fill out this nomination form and they be put forward to our panel