Will there be a Crèche?

We don’t have a formal crèche however we want everybody including all ‘little people’ to have a great week. Dependants will be the responsibility of the parents attending the camp.

Are Group and Staff Vehicles allowed on-site?

Unfortunately, no group and staff cars are allowed in the camping areas/subcamps. However, we are pleased to confirm for this camp we have an agreement that vans and vehicles towing trailers are allowed on the Sub Camp roads during the arrival’s day and the final hour during departures*. All equipment must be unloaded quickly and then all vehicles must be moved and parked on the Car Park. Outside of these times only authorised site and support vehicles are allowed on the Sub Camp roads. * Access is weather dependent and trailers which can be left on your campsite are the best option.
Service and delivery vehicles are restricted to 10 mph maximum and must use their hazard warning lights.
Van and trailer access to the sub camps will be managed by the Site Operations Team and walked on to the Sub Camp road ways. Please work with the Site Operations Team as they have a difficult job to do. Please also see the notes about arrivals and departures. If you need any heavy kit moved please contact the Camper Experience Team.

Can I bring my Children to Camp?

Yes, Children under 10 can come to Chamboree.

How do Groups/Staff Check-in at camp?

Groups / Staff check in at their Sub Camp HQ. Please tell us of any changes to health details or campers that have not turned up.

Is there a facility for collecting Online Shopping Deliveries?

Online shopping orders will be delivered to a dedicated area for Groups to collect from. When making your booking with the Supermarket please ensure that they have your Scout Group Number, Sub Camp name, your contact name and your mobile phone number. The Camper Experience Team will then be available to help move food to the allocated camping pitch.

Where can I read Chamboree Policies?

Our policies will be available online; if you have any special requirements or questions please contact

Will there be a place for Prayer?

We will provide a dedicated multi-faith space that can be used by participants of all faiths. When your group has signed up, we can provide you with a contact so that you can arrange to use it (please request this). We will also have multi faith leaders on site throughout the week. However, we cannot guarantee which faiths and when they will be available.

Will there be photography and filming at the event?

Yes. We have a Media Team who will be taking photos and recording the event. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to sign to give your consent for photography/filming/audio at Chamboree to be used in print and digital media formats including publications and social media. These images will be retained by Chamboree to be used for promotional purposes and to archive the event. Please note this is a large-scale event where the volume of attendees is high, and the event is spread over a large area. There will be video, photography & audio being recorded in all areas during the event. If you or your child do not give consent, it is your / your child and your child’s leader’s responsibility to avoid being photographed/filmed/recorded.

Will there be a Bar?

Yes, this will be located in the IST Staff Sub Camp. Leaders and IST should adhere to the guidance given in the ‘Green Card‘ in respect of our Alcohol Policy.
Any individual displaying signs of alcohol abuse or behaving in an anti-social manner may be excluded from the site. The Camp Chief and the organising team will not hesitate to close the bar facility or order the removal of individuals if this facility is abused.
Under 18s must not consume alcohol on Chamboree (from any source).

Are Risk Assessments produced for the camp?

Groups are responsible for completing risks assessments for areas they are responsible for such as camping pitches, cooking areas and travelling to and from the event. A number of risk assessments will be produced for those activities and tasks that may present a risk to both staff and participants and our external contractors have their own risk assessments which they will share with us. Chamboree is producing risk assessments relating the other areas of the event and activities. Part of Chamboree risk management includes producing a handbook which must be read by all adults, this is sent out in June. Team leaders (for IST Staff) and the Group Leaders are responsible for sharing details of the risk assessments and specifically the steps that need to be followed to minimise the risks with their teams and young people, please ensure that you follow the instructions that are set out in the risk assessments. Risk Assessments can be viewed upon request during the week of Chamboree. All activities are fully Risk Assessed and covered by Public Liability Insurance (Scouts, Guides, or Commercial Providers). All activities which require permits are staffed by permit holders from both associations. All commercial activities will be run by qualified staff.

Will there be a grocery shop on site?

No, there will not be a grocery shop onsite. There will though be a daily bus service to local supermarkets, in addition you can order fresh food essentials for collection from the café area each day. This will include fresh milk, bread, eggs and potatoes etc. plus a range of other food items.

Where can I find lost property?

Any lost property will be handed to the Chamboree Information Centre. We will keep lost property for 4 months before donating it to Charity.

What is the mobile reception like at the site?

The mobile reception is generally okay. Most networks will have 3G/4G coverage around the site.

What are the water facilities at Chamboree?

Each Sub Camp will have access to water taps to enable Groups to fill up water barrels. Water barrels must only be filled at the designated taps. Taps and the basins in the toilets are not to be used for washing for drinking.

Will there be any cash machines to withdraw cash?

There will not be a cash machine on site. But our cafe, retail and bar take card and cash.

Can I charge my mobile phone?

Each Sub Camp will have the facility to charge Power Banks in order to keep your mobile phones topped up. Anything left in a Sub Camp HQ is done so at the individual/groups own risk and the Sub Camp team hold no responsibility for them. Please ensure that any items left in the Sub Camp HQ are clearly marked with a name and unit name.

Can I use petrol cooking stoves?

Unfortunately, due to the site contract, only Gas appliances will be allowed on camp. If you're a member of IST Staff, you will be able to book into Staff Catering and let someone else do the cooking for you!

Can I bring Alcohol?

No, the only place Alcohol can be consumed is in the Bar located on the staff sub camp. Leaders and IST should adhere to the guidance given in the ‘Green Card‘ in respect of our Alcohol Policy.
Under 18s must not consume alcohol on Chamboree (from any source).

I smoke/vape, where can I go to have a cigarette/e-cigarette?

There will be designated smoking/vaping areas around the site. These will be located away from young people out of sight.
Participants under the age of 18, may not smoke/vape on Chamboree (this is UK Law).

Can I bring a Drone to Chamboree?

Drones are strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be flying a Drone (other than permitted Drones for the Media team) may be asked to leave Chamboree.

My DBS will run out during Chamboree – what should I do?

You will need to have a valid DBS for the entirety of Chamboree. You are able to apply for a new DBS up to six months prior to the renewal date.

Will I be able to access my car during Chamboree?

All cars will be parked in the designated car park and will be fully accessible during Chamboree. You will just need to log in and out of site should you decide to head offsite to go food shopping etc.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

The UK weather is very unpredictable. Please ensure that you have suitable protection for both hot and inclement weather. Some activities may not run if it is deemed unsafe.

What if I’m over 18? Can I still come?

The fun and adventure doesn’t stop when you turn 18. We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life, with and without previous experience or indeed specialist skills to fill our many staff roles.

How do we stay up-to-date with Chamboree news?

We regularly send updates, to register to receive these please click ‘Register Interest’ on our homepage.

When and where is Chamboree?

Chamboree will be held between 30th July to 6th August 2022 at the Royal Cheshire Showground Groups may arrive from Saturday 30th July 2022 with the Opening Ceremony held in the evening. The Programme days will take place from Sunday 31st July 2022 to Friday 5th August 2022 with the closing ceremony held Friday evening.

What are the toilets and showers like at Chamboree?

We pride ourselves on having nice toilets and showers at Chamboree. Ultimately, we live in a community and it’s down to everyone to keep them clean and tidy. Provision for participants with mobility issues can be accommodated so please let us know if you have any needs Please be aware that some facilities at Chamboree will be unisex.

Is Scout/Guide Uniform required?

Scout/Guide Uniform should be worn for arrival & departure, as well as our Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The Chamboree camp badge should be worn on the left breast about the World membership badge.

Will there be a supply of Gas?

Calor Gas & Camping Gaz can be purchased from the Administration Centre in exchange for empty Calor cylinders. There is no need to take you empty cylinder, once you have paid for the gas, Site Operations will deliver it and collect your empty cylinder. Unfortunately, we can only exchange Calor cylinders of the same size and type. International Scouts will need UK/European gas regulators.

Will we get a Scarf and ID?

Yes. These need to be worn at all times and can be collected from your sub camp HQ on arrival.

Are there any restrictions on Group kitchens?

All Group leaders are reminded that they must provide buckets (to be filled with water) for kitchen areas and we strongly advise against the use of tilley lamps and that neither tilley lamps nor gas lights (no naked flames) are to be used in sleeping tents.

Are we allowed to cook over an open fire?

Open fires are prohibited on site, all cooking should take place over Gas. Please ensure that your gas equipment is in good working order, that all piping is in date and that all connections are secure. A number of people have asked about using BBQ’s which are allowed on the condition that they are not left unattended when lit and great care is taken not to damage the grass. If you're a member of IST Staff, you will be able to book into Staff Catering and let someone else do the cooking for you!

Can generators be used?

In the interest of fire safety, these should be run on Diesel or Gas (No petrol generators, due to site contract). In the interests of other campers who will be in close proximity they can only be run between the hours of 7.30am & 10.00pm. Any appliances running on them must be plugged through an RCD.

Will there be fridges/freezers available for ice blocks and medications?

Each Sub Camp will have a fridge/freezer for the freezing of ice blocks and storing of medications. Anything left in a Sub Camp fridge/freezer is done so at the individual/groups own risk and the Sub Camp team hold no responsibility for them. Please ensure that any items left in the Sub Camp fridge/freezer is clearly marked with a name and unit name.

What is the First Aid Provision at Chamboree?

All units are expected to operate within their normal guidelines in terms of qualified first aiders and suitable first aid kits. It is expected that where possible the ‘first response’ for TLC will be from the Unit Leaders. On site however there will be a fully staffed medical centre who will readily assist with any medical instances that the Unit Leader does not feel qualified for or any medical cases referred directly to them Please contact your sub-camp HQ. Report all accidents to your own sub-camp Leader. Please do not use personal mobile phones to call for an ambulance this will be done on our Medical Hot Line.

Will rubbish be collected?

Yes. All refuse (including the contents of the grease trap) should be put in black bin bags which are available from your sub camp HQ. The full sacks should be tied at the top and taken to the nearest collection site. Please do not over fill bin bags, if in doubt please double bag. Separate clear bin bags will be provided for glass, cardboard, metal and recyclable plastic which will be recycled. General waste in black bin bags. Anyone required to bring medical items such as syringes or dressing which require disposal should provide their own safe solution which they should arrange with their medical provider. All refuse will be recycled by our waste disposal company who aim to recycle 90% of the waste they remove from site.

How do I dispose of waste water?

Disposal of waste water should be done at the designated points at each toilet block on subcamps. Please strain and collect your washing up water before emptying them into the disposal points. Do not setup wet pits or throw waste water in hedges/boundaries.

Can we play our own music?

Yes, but these should not be played at a noise level which annoys others and under no circumstances between 23:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs.

Can I bring a pocket-knife?

Pocket-Knifes are not required at Chamboree. Please leave them at home.

Are dogs allowed on-site

No Dogs are allowed on-site except Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs.


As a Leader, can I bring a Caravan?

Yes, but it will need to be sited in you group camping area, and must have 3m gap around it.  It will need to be brought on site on the Thursday evening and not removed until the Saturday 6th August. You will not be able to leave your car with your caravan

When can I pitch my tent?

Please speak with your Sub Camp Leaders. It maybe possible to pitch Thursday evening.

What size will the Camping area be?

The size of your campsite will depend on the numbers in your Group. As Group sizes vary there is no standard site. We would ask that Groups take a reasonable and realistic view as to how much space they actually require. As a minimum, we work on 10m2 per person or 3.16m x3.16m E.g. :-
  • If you have 10 people in a group, you would have 100m2 or 10mx10m;
  • If you have 20 people in a group you would have 200m2 or 14.14mx14.14m;
  • If you have 40 people in a group they would have 400m2 or 20mx20m.
In April 2022 we will be sending out the ‘’nominal role’’ form which requests that Groups detail information relating to the number and style of tents each Group is bringing. Groups are responsible for bringing sufficient tentage just like any other camp and that boys and girls have separate accommodation – this is best practice in the UK. All equipment should be checked before departure for Chamboree – it’s amazing how many groups forget the poles or pegs for the marquee or patrol tents! And it’s a good idea to bring some boundary rope and stakes to mark out your pitch and entrance. We ask that groups keep a 3m boundary around the main catering marquee when erecting this next to other tentage – this is for fire safety purposes and ask where possible that catering marquees are ideally put next to the fire break or road way. Over lapping of guy lines for all other general tentage is acceptable. Tents should be put up in straight lines rather than circles as this maximizes the space. In summary we ask that all Groups consider the tentage they will bring. For example, if the Group is bringing 20 people then a catering marquee of 80ft x 100ft would be considered unacceptable, however a catering marquee of 20ft x 15ft would be acceptable. Of course we will do or best to accommodate all reasonable requests.

What’s the easiest way to get on-site?

If we can offer some advice it could be better to arrange for your Group to bring all their camping equipment in a trailer and all young people to arrive by Coach if you have a long distance to travel. This is the fastest way onto site. The next best option is for the camping equipment to arrive in a van or trailer and all young people to arrive by passenger van if you are more local. The hard way is bring the camping equipment in leader’s cars and the young people being dropped off by parents in their cars. We can cope with all options however less cars means less traffic, less queuing and less stress – which is better for everybody 🙂

What time can Groups arrive?

Groups, participants and their leaders must arrive after 2:00pm on Saturday 30th July 2022.

Can Explorers/Rangers camp with the Scouts/Guides?

Chamboree will have a dedicated 14-17 Sub Camp where Explorer/Ranger Units or lone Explorers/Rangers can camp. The dedicated Sub Camp will have its own Sub Camp team who are have great experience with this particular age group and will ensure that they are well looked after. Alternatively, Explorers/Rangers are able to camp with a Scout/Guide group on the main camp. Explorers/Rangers should still register with the 14-18 year old sub camp for the programme, social and to further their personal development. Camping Group Leaders should make it clear at booking stage that they wish to camp with their Scout/Guide Group on a 10-14 Sub Camp.

Are there any catering options for groups?

There are no catering options for groups, however there will be food outlets to purchase food from. You can pre-order food from our Cafe.

Will our Group need to construct a Gateway to our Camp?

There is no pressure on creating a gateway for your site. We do have a tradition of groups creating great gateways for their camp. They are always attractive way to welcome visitors to your site and show of your creative skills. Please make sure that your construction remains safe and secured.

When does Sub Camp allocation take place?

Sub Camp allocations will take in April 2022.

Are you having Junior Chamboree similar to previous years?

Yes, for Cheshire Scouts & Guides only, there will be a separate experience for Beavers, Cubs, Rainbow and Brownies to come along and experience Chamboree whilst having their own dedicated programme. More information about this will be announced towards the end of 2021.

What qualifications do I need to bring a group to Chamboree?

You must comply with the requirements of your Scout or Guide Association. This ensures that each Group has an appropriate Permit/Licence holder, First Aider etc. For UK groups the requirements are:
  • UK Scout/Explorer groups must have one leader with valid Nights Away Camping Permit
  • UK Guide/Ranger groups must have one leader with Going Away Camping Licence
Leaders for UK groups are responsible for ensuring all adults (anyone aged 18+) have a valid DBS/PVG/Access NI check.

What ratio of adults to young people must we have in our group?

You must comply with the requirements of your Scout or Guide Association.
  • For Scout Groups 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 2 leaders per group.
  • For Guide Groups 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 3 leaders per group.
We are dedicated to ensuring that we make as many places as possible available to young people. With this in mind we ask all groups to ensure that at least 80% of their group is made up of under 18 participants. We appreciate that special circumstance may require some groups to have an additional adult. Please contact us at  if you need any assistance or further guidance to meet these ratios.

How many Young Leaders am I allowed to bring?

Each group can bring 2 young leaders to camp; however, they will not be able to participate in any of the activities. In order for young leaders to take part in activities, they must be registered as a full paying participant.

I’m a member of Rangers, can I still come?

Yes, you can attend as participant with a unit if you are aged between 14-17 years or as a member of staff if you are over 16 years. Explorer and Ranger groups are most likely to have some members who are over 17 and therefore will not be eligible to participate in the activities with the rest of the group and must hold a staff role to attend the jamboree. It will be possible for these individuals to camp with their unit, although they may want to consider camping with their respective staff team in the staff camping area.

How old do I have to be to attend as a participant?

Chamboree is open to both Scouts and Guides aged between 10 and 17. If your date of birth is between 30/07/2012 and 29/07/2004 you’re eligible to attend as a participant.

What time is lights out?

All Scouts and Guides must be in their own campsite before 23:00hrs. Groups must be quiet between 23:00 – 7:00.


Can you help me/our Group get to Chamboree?

It is your responsibility to arrange your own transport to and from Chamboree, however Chamboree will assist with transport from local train stations to the Royal Agricultural Showground. These transfers will need to be pre-booked with our International Team

Can I hire tents/camping equipment?

Chamboree is not able to hire out any tents or camping equipment. Should you require any assistance with this please let us know prior to booking, our International Team will then be able to assist in pairing you with a local unit who would hopefully be able to assist

Bookings and Payments

Will you need all the information when we book?

No.  Our booking process is split into two phases detailed below for groups and staff; For Groups – Phase 1 (opens April 2021) We require:
  • Unit details
  • Names and email address for participants and leaders
  • Deposit of £50 per person payable within 1 month of registration
  • Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other groups but because you may add and remove participants at this stage, you can of course reassign within own group.
For Groups – Phase 2 (by 31st March 2022) We require:
  • Payment of full balance
  • No refunds will be given after this date and places cannot be transferred to other units.
For Staff – Phase 1 (opens in April 2021) We require:
  • Some personal information including names of any dependent children
  • £50 deposit within 1 month of your role being confirmed
For Staff – Phase 2 (by 31st March 2022) We require:
  • Balance of payments
  • All personal details to be completed.

I have signed up but I have not heard anything?

Please e-mail the Chamboree Information Centre who’ll be able to help or

Is there any financial support for those suffering hardship?

Yes, there is a Bursary Fund that is available to Cheshire members from either association.  Application forms can be obtained by emailing the relevant County Commissioner.

I sent a cheque; will it be acknowledged?

You will receive an email to confirm that your payment has been cleared. Please note that payments are banked once a week and it can take up to 14 days for a cheque payment to clear before we contact you to confirm this. Please write your Group name and reference number shown on your Invoice on the Chamboree booking system on the back of the cheque, so that we can match your payment to your Group.

When do I need to provide payment?

You can check you balance at any time by logging onto EMS (Chamboree Booking system) and selecting the £ symbol on the left hand menu. This will show you payments and outstanding balance. You will be able to download a full invoice when bookings are closed Invoices will not be issued to you, however if you do not complete the payments on time you will be issued with a reminder. If you have any questions about invoices, then please email

Can I make changes to my Group Booking?

Once you have a booking and deposits paid for your initial numbers you will nearly always be able to add extra participants later. Please note the Early Bird will only be applied in respect of numbers booked and paid by 31st December 2021. The cut off for additional bookings is 31st March 2022, when final balances are due. We may be able to accept extra group members upto the 1stJune 2022 depending on numbers (no guarantee). Changes to individual details can be made until 1st June at midnight, when the booking system will be locked down. This cut off date is to allow us to process the data, finalise site requirements and go to print with wristbands etc. As you can imagine this is no small task so your compliance will be much appreciated.

What is the closing date for bookings?

The ultimate cut-off date for booking to come to Chamboree 2022 is 31st March 2022. However, should the maximum camp numbers be achieved prior to that date the camp will be closed once capacity is reached.

Are deposits refundable?

Whilst being mindful of individual circumstances, the policy of Chamboree 2022 is that all Deposits and Payments are Non-Refundable.

When are deposits and balances due?

A non-refundable deposit of £50 per Group is payable by cheque, BACS or SWIFT made out to ‘Chamboree’ within a month of booking. Cash payments cannot be accepted. All balances are due by Thursday 31st March 2022 at midnight.

What does the price include?

The Group Leader goes free! The fee includes camping fees, activities, camp scarf and ID, camp handbook. The reduced fee for leaders/young leaders does not include daytime activities although they will be welcome to take up any spare places if they have the time! The fees do not include food and transport to and from Chamboree (transport to off-site activities is included). There will be a free shuttle bus to nearby supermarkets.

How much does it cost as a Leader?

The Leader fee is £70. Click here for full pricing information.

How much does it cost to bring my group to Chamboree?

The participant fee is £175. Click here for full pricing information.

When can I book to attend Chamboree 2022?

Bookings open in April 2021.

How much does it cost as a member of Staff?

The IST Staff fee is £15, with an optional catering package available for £75. Click here for full pricing information.

IST Staff

Is there a specific area for staff working long and unsociable hours?

There are nominated Quiet Zones on the IST Staff Sub Camp Quiet Zone 1 – please camp in this area if you work late and start late(r) Quiet Zone 2 – please camp in this area if you retire to bed early and rise early. For everybody else who is active between 6.30am and 11:00pm then please camp outside of the Quiet Zones on the IST Staff Sub Camp.

What time can IST Staff arrive?

IST Staff can arrive from 16:00 on Friday 29 July 2022. After parking your car please report to the IST Staff Sub Camp HQ to check-in and collect your scarf, wristband and event t-shirt/polo etc. All cars/vans should clearly display their vehicle identification document which will enable us to easily contact drivers if required.

I’ve booked for Staff Catering, do I need to bring Plates, Bowls, Mug etc?

No, they will be provided at meal times.  You might like to bring a mug for ad-hock drinks, and a flask to take away a hot drink.

I want to bring my Group/Unit, but want to be on the IST Staff team, what should I do?

So long as there are sufficient Leaders to look after your Troop/Unit, we would love to have you as a IST Staff member. Please register via the website as IST Staff.

Will there be IST Staff entertainment?

Yes, in the Bar, as well as some evening activities to have a go at too.

Can I book on as Staff but camp with a Group/Unit?

This is perfectly acceptable and can be arranged during the booking process.

Can I sign up for staff if I can’t stay overnight?

Yes, there will be roles you can do, just make sure you state this restriction on your application.

How old do I need to be to sign up as IST Staff?

You will need to be 16 or over at Chamboree. There will be some roles that will only be available to those aged 18 or over.

I’m part of Staff will we get any downtime?

Yes of course. As Staff you should ensure that you take a break and some down time when you are not delivering your part of the programme. Your Team Leader should ensure that there is sufficient staff on your team to ensure everybody gets a break and time to enjoy some of the evening staff activities.

Can I bring my Caravan (IST)?

Yes but we have limited space for IST staff caravans and hook-up. Please let us know when registering if you would like to bring a caravan on site. Priority will be given to members of the Chamboree Build Team who will be on site for over two weeks.

What is expected of me as IST and will I be able to pick my role?

Individuals appointed as IST will work hard as part of a multinational team and their role will be to support the Jamboree Organisers to deliver the best possible experience for the young people. They will fill vital roles in motivating and supporting young people, and providing services, program and facilities.  IST members will have the opportunity to volunteer for specific role preferences from IST jobs list or attend as general IST going wherever they are needed. During the event you may be asked if you can help out with other tasks.

Can a dependent young person accompany me?

We will be providing family camping however we will not be providing any child care facilities. Please get in touch for more information. If your dependent is between the ages of 16 and 18 and a member of the Scout or Guide Association they can also volunteer as young IST.

Do I need any specialist skills or qualifications?

While we welcome people with specialist skills to come forward the answer is no all that is required is a sense of enthusiasm and hard work! There is a role for everyone who wants to volunteer and there is even the opportunity to learn new skills!

Can I attend part of the week as IST?

Yes. Get in touch to find out your options and pro-rated cost.

Will I be able to Job Swap?

We will do our best to accommodate job swaps. All swaps must be agreed with the IST Team.

Why does it cost to Volunteer as IST?

As a charitable organisation our aim to provide educational and affordable experiences to young people no matter their family background. One of the ways we are able to do that is by charging a small subsided fee to IST that helps to cover the cost of your camping fees. We also have an optional subsidised catering package.


What Evening Entertainment is available?

Evening entertainment will be available for 10-13 year olds and 14-17 year olds in separate venues.

What Activity clothing is required?

All specialised equipment and clothing will be provided where required. Participants should ensure they have suitable clothing as specified (typically long trousers, arms covered and close toed shoes. Some activities will require clothes that can get wet, as well as a change of clothes. Activity clothing information will be available in each Sub Camp.

How does Activity Ticketing work?

Chamboree does not operate Activity Ticketing. We will schedule you for a range of activities during your week at Chamboree. This enables us to maximise the amount of activities that everyone gets to do, and our intention is for everyone to do everything!

Are Activities open to all?

Yes, all activities are designed to be accessible, please advise your specific needs during registration so we can make reasonable adjustments where needed. Activities are open to all participants (age and parental permission dependent).

Do I need Permission Forms for any Activities?

Yes, a single permission form is included as part of the registration process.

What activities are available?

Chamboree has an enviable reputation for creating new activities and experiences. We encourage all of our participants to give something new a try – something you wouldn’t usually do at home or on camp. There will be something for everyone from the adventurous, adrenaline filled activities through to the creative activities.

What time will activities take place?

Activities will primarily take place between 09:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 17:00. Some off-site activities and trips may operate outside of these times. Evening entertainment will start from 19:00 and continue on into the late evening.

Can 18+ year olds take part in activities?

Participants must be aged 10-17 at the time of Chamboree to take part in the main activity programme. Those aged 18 or over can attend as leaders (if they have the appropriate qualification) or join our IST Staff team. Staff team members can camp with participant units getting the chance to experience the Jamboree in two very different ways. As we did in 2018 we will have a limited leaders and staff activity programme which will be run separately (this will potentially include activity zones being open in the evening and training sessions running during the day).

How will we get to off-site activities?

Transport for off-site activities is included and will leave on time so please make sure all your campers are at the pick-up point in good time. Times and pick up points will be designated at the evening Sub Camp meeting.