• Wear Astronaut clothing e.g. snow trousers, boots, gloves, all in ones etc. A belt is essential for them to be able to attach themselves to the space station.
  • Carribeaner/Clips Straps, ropes to ensure that they can connect themselves to the space station and each other.
  • Mission equipment
    • tools
    • torches
    • space debris (anything)
    • bag
    • Camera


Set the meeting space up as an International Space Station. Set up a rope or area for the Hatch where participants can clip themselves too.

Explain the Missions
Mission 1 – To clean the Space Station Windows
Mission 2 – To fix the Solar Panels (this can only be done in the dark)
Mission 3 – Collect Space Debris
Mission 4 – To take a team selfie

They have to complete each mission making sure they are connected to the International Space Station or a fellow Chambonaut that is connected to the Space Station. The idea is that they attached themselves together using ropes/straps and clips. If at any point a Chambonaut unclips themselves they float off and have to return to the space station. If after they pick up equipment they put it down it floats off and they have to re-do the mission.

Remind them they can use knots learnt to tie ropes together or make loops.