A life sizes version of the 1980’s video game!


  • Bean bags
  • Blind fold
  • Large area


Line the participants up across the width of the meeting space with an arms width between each other, standing to ‘alert’. If you have a large group, make a few rows so that they form something vaguely resembling the start of the Space Invaders game.

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On the word “go” the participants take a pace to the side and cross their arms across their chest and make an “eh oh” noise (or something decided by the group to make it feel like an 8-bit 80s video game noise!). 

As a participant reaches the opposite side of the meeting place, they take a step forward. Everyone should be moving in a sort of snake across and down the meeting hall. Everyone needs to move with similar pace and step size to remain in a grid position as best as possible. You might want to practice this first!

One participant is blind folded and is fed bean bags by a leader to throw at the space invaders, any hit are out. If the space invaders get to the front and touch the blind folded participant they win and take over.