Participate in Chamboree as the excitement builds towards the event. 

We’ve recommended the age range suitability of an activity, but don’t hesitate to check out the activities and their suitability for your programme! To help leaders we’ve provided links to the Scout & Guide badges.

If you’ve got any more ideas to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Share them by email with our programme team.

Don’t forget to send your photos & videos with us @Chamboree #Chambonauts

Autumn 2021

5 – 9 year olds

Space Rocket Design

Break out the crafts, crayons, watercolours, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and anything else you can find to design your own Space rocket!

10 – 13 year olds

Rocket Bottle

Build a Water bottle rocket using a hand pump and a few household items. Check here for instructions.

14 – 17 year olds

Alien Junk Modelling/Fashion Parade

Run an Alien/Space themed Junk Modelling Fashion Parade. Think Armani Aliens, Primark Planets, Galactic Gap!

Clean and hold onto plastic bottles, pie tins, yoghurt pots and drink cans. Then gather all your crafting materials, glue guns, paints and anything else you can think of and create the next hot look. Host a fashion show and snap some selfies to post on the ‘gram!

Winter 2021

5 – 9 year olds

Solar System Smoothies

Make fruity solar system smoothies. Use different fruits to represent the sizes of planets, sort them in order, then blend your solar system for a galactic gulp!

Click here for suggestions on fruits for planets.

10 – 13 year olds

Space Invaders

Play real life Space Invaders. Blindfold somebody with a bucket of bean bags and try to get past them one step at a time without being hit by a bean bag.

Click here for instructions on how to play the game.

Winter Constellations

Use this attached sheet to learn how to track the sky and find the constellations.

14 – 17 year olds

Refracting Telescope

Build a refracting telescope and check out what you can see in the night sky.


Spring 2022

5 – 9 year olds

Space Walk

Simulate a space walk. Set your meeting space up as the International Space Station and the whole group helps guide astronauts through a series of missions.

Check out the mission briefing here

10 – 13 year olds

NASA Fitness Training Programme

Get Active and train like an Astronaut. NASA offers a fitness challenge that’s out of this world!

Find out how here

14 – 17 year olds

Star Gazing Sleepover

No tents, no bivouacs, maybe a ground sheet. Have a starry night sleep out. No further instructions needed!