Following consultation on the theme for Chamboree 2022 by Cheshire Scout’s Youth Forum, we are delighted to announce that Space has be chosen as the theme. Today we are also launching our logo competition.

Logo Competition

The competition is to design a logo that will be used in official correspondence, on official websites and be the uniform badge for Chamboree 2022. The logo design should help to portray the theme.

Entries must include:
•    The short name of the Event: Chamboree 2022
•    The provisional dates (to be confirmed):  30 July – 6 August 2022
•    The Scouts fleur-de-lis and GirlGuiding Trefoil

Size of the logo:
Your logo for must fit in to a space of 6cm x 6cm.  The size of your file (.png or .jpg) should be below 3Mb.
Please refer to designs of previous years to have an idea of how the elements can be displayed.
Designs which do not respect the rules will not be considered for the final selection.

Be creative and Original
Create your logo design!
When your design is ready, simply upload it.   You can upload your design anytime until 31 July 2019.
Designs which contain copyright images, graphic elements from previous years or artwork coming from clipart will not be considered for the final section.
Once you have uploaded your design you do not have to do anything more, but wait for the results to be announced.  We will contact you if you are shortlisted.

Submitting your entry
Submissions should be e-mailed to CHAMBO@CHAMBOREE.ORG.UK

Short List
A short list of 6 designs will be chosen from the contest entries and presented to the jury.
Designs to be included in the short list will be chosen based on the following:
•    Compliance with the general rules mentioned here
•    Adherence to technical constraints specified under the rules
•    Relevance to theme
Every designer selected in the short list will be contacted by the Chamboree Senior Leadership Team asking them to submit the high resolution design and accept copyright conditions for the artwork, to be used by Chamboree 2022.

The winner
The winner will be chosen from the short list by members of the jury based on the following criteria:
•    Composition,
•    Functionality,
•    Creativity,
•    Technique,
•    Originality,
•    Visual appeal and
•    Overall impression

About the Jury
The jury will be composed of members of the Chamboree Senior Leadership Team, Cheshire’s Youth Forum and professionals from Cheshire Scouting.
The winner will be announced in September 2019.
Cheshire Scout’s graphic designers will adapt the design and adjust the logo for the final production of the Chamboree 2022 badges.

The winning entry will be the official 2022 logo for Chamboree, and will be used on badges and other merchandise promoting the event.  The winner will receive a selection of merchandise from Chamboree 2022.  Shortlisted designers will also receive some Chamboree 2022 merchandise.

If you have a question about the contest, then please email CHAMBO@CHAMBOREE.ORG.UK

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