We had lots of ideas for our 2022 theme, 65 separate themes in fact, which were ranked by a public vote, giving us a top 4. These were all reviewed and worked on by Cheshire Scout’s Youth Forum prior to Christmas, they are taking through a final 2 themes for a public vote.

A reminder of the most recent past themes of Chamboree…

  • 1998 – Romans
  • 2002 – The Movies
  • 2006 – People Through History
  • 2010 – Knights
  • 2014 – Super Heroes
  • 2018 – Pirates
  • 2022 – ?

To help you decide which theme you might prefer, think about the following questions:

  • Does it work for the wide range of people we have attending Chamboree: Participants (10-14 year olds), visitors (6-9 year olds) and adult volunteers?
  • Is there a wide enough range of activity themes we could run?
  • What might the sub-camps look like?
  • Most importantly… What will this mean for my fancy dress?!

The themes are as follows… the poll will ask you to choose your favourite. You can find it by clicking here.
Please take the time to review the slides below for more information about each theme.


Prepare to take off to Chamboree in Space!

2. Eras

Join us on a time traveling Chamboree adventure!

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