Will We Get ID Badges?

Yes. All IST for security purposes will be required to wear ID badges at all times. If you are not wearing your badge please do not be surprised if challenged.

Will there be Toilets and Showers?

Yes. Toilets and shower blocks are situated around the site and are convenient to each sub-camp.

Will I get a day off?

IST will be expected to work hard to support the Jamboree Organiser to deliver a successful Jamboree for the young people attending. Depending on the role IST may be expected to work shifts at varying time of the day or night. The organisers are very well aware that IST require sufficient rest to be productive in their role and enjoy the experience of the Jamboree. More information on this will be provided once rotas have been drawn up.

Can I bring my Caravan?

Yes but we have limited space and hook-up. Please let us know when registering if you would like to bring a caravan on site.

Will I be able to camp?

Yes camping is included as part of the fee. IST will camp in their own special sub camp Davy Jones' Locker!

What is expected of me as IST and will I be able to pick my role?

Individuals appointed as IST will work hard as part of a multinational team and their role will be to support the Jamboree Organisers to deliver the best possible experience for the young people. They will fill vital roles in motivating and supporting young people, and providing services, program and facilities.  IST members will have the opportunity to volunteer for specific role preferences from IST jobs list or attend as general IST going wherever they are needed. During the event you may be asked if you can help out with other tasks.

What are the dates for IST?

IST are welcome on site from 25th July 2018 to the 6th August 2018 to help setup and deconstruct the site. However catering is only available for the 28th July 2018 to the 5th August.

Can a dependent young person accompany me?

We will be providing family camping however we will not be providing any child care facilities. Please get in touch for more information. If your dependent is between the ages of 14 and 18 and a member of the Scout or Guide Association they can also volunteer as young IST.

Do I need any specialist skills or qualifications?

While we welcome people with specialist skills to come forward the answer is no all that is required is a sense of enthusiasm and hard work! There is a role for everyone who wants to volunteer and there is even the opportunity to learn new skills!

Can I volunteer if I am not a member of either Scouting or Guiding?

Yes but an enhanced DBS is required.

Can I attend part of the week as IST?

Yes. Get in touch to find out your options and pro-rated (self-catered and catered) cost.

Will I be able to Job Swap?

We will do our best to accommodate job swaps. All swaps must be agreed with the IST office.

Will there be a Daytime/Evening Programme for IST?

Yes. More details nearer the time.

Why does it cost to Volunteer as IST?

As a charitable organisation our aim to provide educational and affordable experiences to young people no matter their family background. One of the ways we are able to do that is by charging a small subsided fee to IST that helps to cover the cost of your accommodation and catering. It also includes some mementos of the event such as a necker, tee-shirt and handbook as a token of our appreciation.

How much does it cost to be part of the IST?

IST Staff (aged 18+) – £80 (catered) Junior IST Staff (aged 14-17) – £80 (catered)

What’s included?

The fee includes full catering for the duration of Chamboree, refreshments all day, scarf, camp fees, entertainment, handbook, and shirt. Please be aware that if you wish to be part of the IST staff (aged 18+), it is a mandatory requirement to hold a current valid DBS, and that it remains valid for the entire period of Chamboree. Please seek advice from your County Office if you are unsure.

I am a young leader, can I join the IST?