Core Team

Camp Chief

Graham Phillips
Graham is responsible for overseeing the planning and delivery of Chamboree 2018 and is looking forward to seeing your there.


Director of Programme / Deputy Camp Chief

Dave Hopley
Dave is responsible for the planning and delivery of day-time activities and evening entertainment programme.


Director of Camper Experience

Laura Dyer
Laura is responsible for the camper experience.


Director of Site Operations

Nigel Flatman
Nigel is in charge of the of the massive task that is site services from planning the site layout to ordering the triple velvet toilet paper.


Director of Marketing & PR

Chad Wilkinson
Chad is responsible for Marketing and PR.


Director of Finance & Administration

Ruth Flatman
Ruth is our Admin guru and in charge of your bookings and finance.

Director of IST & Retail

Val Thomason
Val is responsible for our IST subcamp and our Retail operation.

GirlGuiding Liaison

Claire Worth
Claire is our liaison with the Cheshire Guide Counties.

Secretary and Health & Safety Advisor

John Bennett
John is our Secretary and Health & Safety Advisor.