Will there be Toilets and Showers?

Yes. Toilets and shower blocks are situated around the site and are convenient to each sub-camp.

Is full Scout uniform required?

Full uniform should be worn for arrival at site and for departure on the last day. The Chamboree camp badge should be worn on the left breast about the World membership badge.

I am a young leader, can I join the IST?


Will there be a supply of Gas?

Calor Gas & Camping Gaz can be purchased from the Administration Centre in exchange for empty Calor cylinders. There is no need to take you empty cylinder, once you have paid for the gas, Site Operations will deliver it and collect your empty cylinder. Unfortunately, we can only exchange Calor cylinders of the same size and type.   International Scouts will need UK/European gas regulators.

Will we get ID badges?

Yes. These need to be worn at all times and can be collected from your sub camp HQ on arrival. The ID card has certain codes for the benefit of Security and Activity Staff.

Are there any restrictions on group kitchens?

All Group leaders are reminded that they must provide buckets (to be filled with water) for kitchen areas and we strongly advise against the use of tiley lamps and that neither tiley lamps nor gas lights (no naked flames) are to be used in sleeping tents.

Will open fires be allowed?

Sorry but open fires are not allowed on sub camp sites. A number of people have asked about using BBQ’s which are allowed on the condition that they are not left unattended when lit and great care is taken not to damage the grass.

Can generators be used?

In the interest of fire safety, these should be run on Diesel or Gas. In the interests of other campers who will be in close proximity they can only be run between the hours of 8.00am & 8.00pm. Any appliances running on them must be plugged through an RCD.

Will sub camps provide refrigeration?

Each sub camp will have a freezer which subject to available space can be used to freeze ice blocks for use with cool bags, it can not be used to store food. We recommend you consider using a Calor Gas Fridge which we understand are available for around £50, you are also encouraged to use the facility to purchase fresh food from the central catering team who have facilities to store food at the correct temperature (sorry but this facility cannot be used to store your own purchase food).

How will we get to off-site activities?

Transport for off-site activities is included and will leave on time so please make sure all your campers are at the pick up point in good time. Times and pick up points will be designated at the evening Activities Briefing meeting.

How should first aid be dealt with?

Minor accidents should be dealt with by your group first aider, however, if you require further assistance please contact your sub-camp HQ. Report all accidents to your own sub-camp Leader. Please do not use personal mobile phones to call for an ambulance this will be done on our Medical Hot Line. It would cause a great deal of embarrassment if more than one ambulance turned up for an incident.

Will rubbish be collected?

Yes. All refuse (including the contents of the grease trap) should be put in plastic bags which are available from your sub camp HQ. The full sacks should be tied at the top and taken to the nearest collection site. Please do not over fill bin bags, if in doubt please double bag.
  • Empty aerosol containers, gaz re-fills and broken glass must not be put in with ordinary rubbish, but should be taken to the central refuse disposal point.
  • Any syringes or used medical dressings should be put into special bags, again provided by your sub camp HQ, but should be taken to the central refuse disposal point.
All refuse will be recycled by our waste disposal company who aim to recycle 90% of the waste they remove from site.

Can we dig wet pits?

No. There will be waste water points at each Toilet Block.

Can we play our own music?

Yes, but these should not be played at a noise level which annoys others and under no circumstances between 23:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs.

Will knifes be allowed on site?

Knives must not be carried or worn, but a folding pocket-knife with a blade less than 5cm in length may be permitted as equipment. Any knife that is regarded as not “permitted equipment” by Chamboree organisers will be confiscated.

What time is lights out?

All Scouts and Guides must be in their own sub-camp before 23:00hrs. Quiet time - 23:00 – 07:00 is a quiet time when everybody should be able to sleep undisturbed.