Activity Zones

During the week participants can visit programme zones with activities that will be adventurous, creative and unique. The programme is being organised to allow young people to challenge themselves, try new things and make new friends!

1. Adventure zone (half day)

The Adventure zone at Chamboree will be about helping young people to step out of their comfort zones (whatever their experience) and encouraging them to try new things. An adventure no matter how small can help us to grow in confidence or even ground us a little. Through adventure, we discover things about selves we didn’t know before and this is primarily what the focus of this zone will be at Chamboree 2018. On offer will be a multitude of taster activities which we hope will find their way into your section’s programmes. There will be something for everyone from the wildest adrenaline junkie to the more modest amongst us. The zone will be split into three categories: crazy wild, wild and mild* participants are encouraged to try at least one activity from each.

2. Arts & Creative zone (half day)

Based in the Chamboree Arena you have the opportunity to get creative! Within “The Creation Station” you can learn to accomplish many different types of art and crafts all with a Pirate theme; express yourself at the Music, Dance and Theatre workshops on the stage and enjoy the surroundings of the ‘Peace & Reflection’ area.  Whilst in the Creative Zone you will visit our International Circus, complete with its own Big Top and a spectacular 45-minute show and circus skills workshops.  REMEMBER: to bring a plain white t-shirt with you to tye-dye!

Ventura Simulator ride – climb aboard for the thrill of your life as you get the opportunity to take flight in an aircraft cockpit or even go into space. Hang on to your seats it’s a ride like no other.

3. Cannonball-run (half-day)

Test your aim and patience with our selection of target sports. This is your chance to learn something new, improve your skill level and accuracy and generally have some fun. Activities include: Air rifle shooting, archery, outdoor laser tag, laser clay pigeon shooting, water rockets and catapults.

4. Global zone (half day)

Come and take part in a variety of fun and challenging activities that will raise your awareness of different cultures and countries. Explore our marketplace to find out about international charities and the work that they do around the World – the different stalls will definitely challenge your thinking! Then there will be the opportunity to make some noise with a lively and energetic African drumming activity. Finally sit back and enjoy a live theatre performance.

Theatre in a Field – another brand-new attraction for 2018 with a specially created theatre and a unique 20 minutes’ show performed by a cast of professional dancers and actors in a show created by Sam Erskine a visiting Director at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. The performance team promise a totally immersive experience based around characters challenged by trying to keep safe while online.

5. Liverpool Experience (full day off-site)

Explore the great location of Liverpool in a day. You’ll have the chance to see and visit many of the famous landmarks and buildings in Liverpool. Following the success of this experience at the last Chamboree we are planning a return visit to the City of Liverpool with is many attractions and vibrant streets. Taking into account feedback from last time the day long visit will offer more time for Group Leaders to select locations and attractions their members want to visit. However, there will be pre-arranged experiences in a number of locations that are not normally accessible to Scouts. You will follow a scavenger hunt seeing and photographing yourselves in these stunning locations and create a travelogue of your experience.

6. Port of Tortuga (half day)

Only the bravest of buccaneers dares step foot on the rotten docks of the Port of Tortuga. A dank and dirty port, where the tides seem to have swept together the sum of pirates, privateers, thieves, rogues, scoundrels and outlaws. A ramshackle haven for all sorts of misdemeanors to take place.
Those visiting the Port of Tortuga have only a matter of time before the Commodores and Admirals of the British Navy catch up with them.  Only the fastest, quick-witted and dastardly pirates can escape.
Wannabe pirates will spend their time on a series of ‘Land’ and ‘Sea’ challenges where they must use their speed, strength (and sometimes stupidity) to earn eight ‘pieces of eight’ and buy a ticket aboard the only ship fast enough to escape the clutches of the Navy do-gooders.  Can you escape from the Taverns escape room, scale the riggings of our 120ft assault course, dodge the dunk tank, trawl for treasure and slip and slide into Chamborees’ Most Wanted wall of fame?

7. Science, Technology & Engineering Zone (half day)

It turns out that there is an amazing amount of science behind being a successful pirate. Learn about the practical application of Newton’s laws of motion in the cannon test area, build a pirate vessel and undertake demanding sea trials, hone your sailing skills in the wind tunnel and experience waves without getting your feet wet. Discover if treasure is really buried under X marked the spot.
Take command of your very own pirate brigands and test your skill on the pirate ‘battleship’ game.
CHaOS will be demonstrating and providing exciting hands on experiments and we will joined by Macc Asctro with a planetarium to learn about star navigation.  The Institute of Physics will be running a Mars Landing experience so you can become a fully-fledged space pirate and we will be joined by various Scientific Institutes and a host of local company STEM ambassadors.

8. Sports Zone (half-day)

Discover an island where you can search for treasure by completing swashbuckling activities all in the name of fun. Challenge your shipmates to a game of drunken sailor football (run around the pitch in a zorb) or scrub the decks tied to the ratlines (play inflatable football).
Can you tangle with the giant octopus twister or score points in ‘threw the porthole’ (frisbee golf). Instead of noughts and crosses, try your hand at skulls and crossbones!
Lots more physical activities to keep your body prepared for any mutinous onslaught or attack.
Are you up to the challenge?

9. Survival zone (half-day)

Follow in the footsteps of Bear Grylls and learn new survival skills and improve the skills you already have. Build a fire and use it to cook in different ways to prepare food tempt your fellow Scouts/Guides. Build shelters and camping gadgets or take the opportunity to learn about large pioneering projects with new knots and lashings. You will be shown how to signal in an emergency or various methods of communicating in an emergency.


The Camp rises daily at 07:00. On-site activities run 09:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 17:00 (except for Sunday). Sub-camp briefings are daily at 18:30 (1 leader per-group expected to attend).

Carnival Day

On Wednesday activities and games will be provided on sub-camps in the Morning. After lunch there will be a specially created stunt show reflecting our Pirate theme. It will feature a specially created “set” in the main arena with professional performers swapping film roles for Chamboree Pirate roles for the day. This will be the centre piece of a show featuring a return visit from Jez Avery with his “all new” stunt bike show. In the afternoon there is an opportunity for cultural exchange with international units on each sub-camp and preparation for the evening’s carnival. In the evening there will be a Pirate themed carnival procession and main arena entertainment.