The Super Hero’s theme for Chamboree 2014 was amazing.  Take part in our poll to help us decide the theme for Chamboree 2018 by clicking here.

The most recent past themes of Chamboree have been…

  • 1998 – Romans
  • 2002 – The Movies
  • 2006 – People Through History
  • 2010 – Knights
  • 2014 – Super Heroes

We had lots of ideas for our 2018 theme, which were reviewed and shortlisted by Cheshire Scout’s Youth Forum – there are 5 themes for you to vote on by clicking here.

To help you decide which theme you might prefer, think about the following questions:

  • Does it work for the wide range of people we have attending Chamboree: Participants (Scouts and Explorers), visitors (Beavers and Cubs) and adult volunteers (including Network and Active Support)?
  • Is there a wide enough range of activity themes we could run?
  • What might the sub-camps look like?
  • Most importantly… What will this mean for my fancy dress?!

The themes are as follows… the poll will ask you to rank them in preference order with 1 being the highest preference and 5 being the lowest preference. You can find it by clicking here.

  1. Pirates – Cast off to Chamboree island!
    Sub-camps will be themed around Pirates of the Caribbean, Neverland, Treasure Island etc. There will be a special themed Activity Zone where you can become a Bucaneer. Get your wooden legs & eye patches ready for the fancy dress too!
  2. Animal Kingdom – Chamboree goes wild!
    Sub-camps themed around some of world’s greatest wonders: the desert, the jungle and polar ice caps. There will be a special themed Activity Zone and wildlife park. Fancy dress for this could be really colourful maybe have a different animal for each day too?
  3. Space – prepare to take off to Chamboree in Space!
    We could have sub-camps themed around Star Wars, Star Trek etc., special themed Activity Zone where you can become a Jedi. Fancy dress could include aliens, astronauts, or your favourite movie characters.
  4. Spies – Chamboree does Bond!
    Sub-camps could be themed around the worlds of your favourite intelligence agents. There will be a special themed Activity Zone where you can become a Secret Agent. Fancy dress – dinner suits and cocktail dresses on camp?
  5. Future Worlds – Chamboree goes back to the future!
    Chamboree is transported to 2218 with sub-camps themed around the Hunger Games, Divergent etc. There could be special high-tech activity zones and fancy dress options could be futuristic too – we think this would be a big tin foil theme!

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