Power Up!

Luke Atherton May 11, 2014 1
Power Up!

Cub Scouts from the 24th Macclesfield have designed and made life sized super heroes! They’ve given them each names and super powers. Please send us your own super heroes and their powers to chambo@chamboree.org.uk


Rabbit Man : Super powers include duplication, the ability to make things grow or shrink, he’s a human calculator, has four arms that can extend like elastic and can controls rabbits.


Super Simon :  Super powers are flying, steel fists, laser eyes and  CUB POWERS!


Super Pig : Super powers are flying, laser eyes, electric tail and radar arms.


Minecraft Man : Super powers are the ability to spawn pigs and bodyguards, spawns diamonds and emeralds, turn reality into junkcraft world, and has the best enchantments.


Super Spring :  Super powers are flying, jumping high, laser eyes, stretching and stretchy arms!

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    aran.p June 8, 2014 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    Looks fun and intresting

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