Chamboree is a week long International camp, held on the Royal Cheshire Showground every four years. The next Chamboree will take place from the 28th July to the 4th August 2018. Everyday adventure is at the very heart of Scouting: spending time away from home, the participation in outdoor indoor activities, teaching young people new skills, building confidence and gaining independence as well as making new friends from all sorts of backgrounds.. it is the aim of 'Chamboree Team' to celebrate everything that is great about Scouting & Guiding in one long week of camping!

What to Expect

Chamboree is about welcoming Scouts and Guides from across the world for a week  jammed packed of activities, fun and friendship! Expect to share the experience with over 5000 young people and adults from as far away as the Far east, Americas and Africa! Above all Chamboree is an educational event that brings together Cheshire's young people to promote peace and mutual understanding as well as develop their leadership and life skills. Particpants will be encouraged to build confidence and push their boundaries by trying new and adventurous activities, learn new skills for life as well an appreciation of other cultures, beliefs and attitudes... For many young people its an opportunity to experience the life enriching hallmarks and fellowship of attending an International  Jamboree right on their door step!
Explorers/Senior Section


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Supporters & Partners

A huge thank you to the companies and organisations that are helping us to make this life changing event happen!

Activity Zones

During the week participants can visit 9 programme zones with activities that will be adventurous, creative and unique. The programme is organised to allow young people to challenge themselves, try new things, learn about the world they live in and make new friends!
Arts & Creative
Liverpool Experience
Port of Tortuga
Science, Technology & Engineering
Survival Skills

How long until Chamboree?


Chamboree is organised into five sub camps (plus Davey Jones' Locker for IST) each with their own distinct identity and dedicated volunteer support team.

A sub camp is a smaller area within the boundaries of Chamboree 2018 where you will camp with your contingent.
Each Subcamp has its own sub camp HQ where a friendly and helpful team are on hand who can deal with any questions or requests.
The subcamp bases will be hubs where YP can go to hang out between activities and congregate for evening activities such as campfires
and leaders can attend daily meetings for the most up to date information.

Smugglers Cove
Mutiny Bay
Crocodile Creek
Shipwreck Shore
Skull Harbour
Davy Jones Locker (IST)

Core Team

Meet the people that are making the event happen!
Graham Philips
Graham Philips

Camp Chief

Graham is responsible for overseeing the planning and delivery of Chamboree 2018 and is looking forward to seeing your there.

    Dave Hopley
    Dave Hopley

    Deputy Camp Chief & Director of Programme

    Dave is responsible for the planning and delivery of day-time activities and evening entertainment programme. In addition to Marketing & PR.

      Laura Dyer
      Laura Dyer

      Director of Camper Experience

      Laura is responsible for the overall camper experience.

        Nigel Flatman
        Nigel Flatman

        Director of Site Operations

        Nigel is in charge of the of the massive task that is site services from planning the site layout to ordering the triple velvet toilet paper.

          Ruth Flatman
          Ruth Flatman

          Director of Finance & Administration

          Ruth is our Admin guru and in charge of your bookings and finance.

            Val Thomason
            Val Thomason

            Director of IST & Retail

            Val is responsible for our IST subcamp and our Retail operation.

              Claire Worth
              Claire Worth

              GirlGuiding Liaison

              Claire is our liaison with the Cheshire Guide Counties.

                John Bennett
                John Bennett

                Secretary and Health & Safety Advisor

                John is our Secretary and Health & Safety Advisor.

                  And we will get in touch as soon as possible. (please bare in mind we are volunteers)
                  Chamboree 2018, Lea Hall, Wimboldsley, Cheshire, CW10 0LL
                  E-mail: bookings@chamboree.org.uk Phone: +44 (0)1606 738418